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Hospital rehabilitation services

Getting well often means more than recovering from surgery or a serious illness. It can mean learning to walk again after an auto accident or learning to speak after a stroke. Getting well can mean learning how to do your job all over again after a work-related injury or returning to soccer after reconstructive knee surgery.

Getting back to an active and productive life is what Hospital's Rehabilitation Services are all about. Through three hospital-based programs and five off-site programs, trained rehabilitation specialists use the latest technologies to help patients whose lives are disrupted by illness, disability or injury achieve a more normal life.

Programs include:

Children's Therapy Clinic

This clinic provides services for children from birth to 18 years. The clinic specializes in treating a variety of disorders, including developmental disabilities, neuromuscular disorders, syndromes and head injuries.

Rebound Sports Medicine Centers

These centers treat patients of all ages, including children and adolescents, who have orthopedic injuries from sports, performing arts, daily activities or work. For more information, contact either the Rebound Sports Medicine Center (West)

Rebound Work Readiness

This industrial medicine program is designed to return injured workers to their jobs safely and quickly.

Rehab at Medical Park

This facility serves patients of all ages. People who need rehabilitation after a knee or hip replacement, sprained ankle, hand injury or diabetic foot ulcers and other problems can receive outpatient treatment here.

Physical Therapy in Spencer

Our office in Spencer provides orthopedic rehabilitation, back and neck care, neurological rehabilitation and basic wound care to patients of all ages.

Physical Therapy Department

This department provides individualized inpatient and outpatient services for patients of all ages. Multidisciplinary team care is available for inpatients who need not only physical therapy but also occupational and/or speech and language therapy, nursing, dietary, social and other services.

Occupational Therapy Department

Occupational therapists work with patients, many of whom have a difficult time resuming an independent lifestyle after an illness or injury, to help them relearn basic living skills and adapt to physical, functional or cognitive disabilities. .

Speech and Language Therapy Department

Daily living can be challenging for people with impairments of speech, language or voice. With the help of a speech/language pathologist, the lines of communication may reopen.

Patients must be referred to one of Hospital's rehabilitation services by a medical doctor (M.D. or D.O.), dentist, podiatrist or chiropractor. Once patients are referred, rehabilitation therapists perform an evaluation and use the doctors' orders to work out an individualized program for each patient.

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