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Hospital offers psychiatric services.
We offer the largest and most complete inpatient mental health program in south central . Our staff includes staff psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, therapists, psychiatric nurse specialists and counselors. All have a common goal of returning patients to productive lives.

Intensive Services with Minimal Disruption

During times of crisis, people need a friendly, healing environment to help them cope and reaffirm stability. Our outpatient services provide care with minimal disruption to an individual's life. We offer:

"A broad array of treatment programs"

The care we offer is as individual as the people we serve. Treatment includes medical and psychosocial evaluation, medical management, as well as individual, group and family therapy. Participants develop healthy goals and ways to reach them, with an emphasis on preventing relapse of emotional distress.

Referrals are made by private therapists, physicians, social service agencies and other sources. Candidates are evaluated to determine which program is appropriate for their situations.

Even individuals in great distress may be able to function well in some area of their lives. Outpatient treatment preserves family routine and eliminates the disruption associated with hospitalization.

Psychiatric consultation and medication evaluation

Our board-certified psychiatrists and nurse practitioners provide diagnostic assessments, evaluations and recommendations for treatment. With the assistance of our registered nurses, they offer ongoing follow-up, telephone consultation for individuals between appointments, and networking with referring professional.

Psychological testing and assessment

Licensed psychologists are available to conduct psychological testing and assessment to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of mental health disorders including mood disorders, thought disorders, personality disorders, etc.


Individual and group sessions led by licensed therapists are available both day and evenings for individuals with anxiety disorders, depression and/or relationship issues. Outpatient programs

Inpatient care may not always be practical for individuals' lifestyles, so we developed two programs offering short-term structured therapy on an outpatient basis. Both are effective, lower-cost alternatives to inpatient care for adults who are suffering from severe stress and who have a limited ability to cope.

Acute partial hospitalization program (AHP)

Individuals in this program typically participate in full day therapy over a two week interval. A team including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, dietitians, nurse practitioners and others provides comprehensive care to people suffering from depression, anxiety, severe situational stressors and/or limited coping abilities. This comprehensive intervention helps participants develop healthy goals and ways to reach them, with an emphasis on preventing relapse of depression and paralyzing anxiety. The most powerful changes occur in group therapy, where trust and frank discussion help individual learn new and more successful behavior patterns. Upon completion of this program, participants are referred to appropriate outpatient care.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

If family obligations, work constraints, or other limitations make it difficult to participate in Acute Partial Hospitalization, our Intensive Outpatient Program offers an effective alternative. This program focuses on behaviorally specific goals, such as activities of daily living. Individuals meet for two to three hours a day, three times per week. Medication supervision and dietary consultations are available as needed.

Psychotherapy and psychoeducational groups

Several psychotherapy and psychoeducational groups are available during day and evening hours. Groups focus on different issues such as depression, anger management and anxiety.

Adolescent Psychiatric Unit Philosophy

The Adolescent Psychiatric Unit of the Hospital and Healthcare System provides comprehensive evaluation and intensive treatment for adolescents from 12-17 years of age who have emotional and substance related problems.

Our program fosters an atmosphere of respect and caring. The adolescent's strengths are developed while problems are addressed and treated. We will assist the adolescent in learning to recognize feelings, control behaviors and form healthy relationships. We have a safe, supportive environment where parents can be assured that their adolescent's stresses will be treated with understanding and professional competence.

Each adolescent receives constant supervision and is involved in a structured schedule of activities. All treatment is planned and provided by an interdisciplinary team of staff members representing psychiatric medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, education, and rehabilitation disciplines. Staff members coordinate their efforts using a biopsychosocial approach to treatment which addresses the total needs of the adolescent and family. Individual needs are addressed in group experiences, one-to-one interactions and therapeutic activities.

The patient's parents and/or guardians and other care-giving adults play a significant part in treatment. The role of the parent is critical to the adolescent's motivation for change and improvement. The staff will meet with the family to guide and encourage the healthiest home environment possible.

Insurance accepted

Hospital Psychiatric & Counseling Services accepts all forms of private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

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