Heart Risk Assessment

Preventing Heart Disease
Personal History

If you already have a personal history of heart attack or stroke, you are five to seven times more likely to have another heart attack or stroke than someone who has never had a coronary event. You can't change the past, but it is critical for your future to reduce -- then eliminate -- any controllable risk factors you have.

For instance,

  • Quit smoking for good.
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure (less than 130/85 is normal; 120/80 is ideal).
  • Keep your cholesterol level low (160 or below is recommended for people who have a personal history of heart disease).
  • Accumulate 30 or more minutes of moderate physical activity such as walking on most days, preferably daily.
  • Lose any excess body fat and maintain an ideal weight.
  • If you have diabetes, learn how to manage it.

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