Heart Risk Assessment

Heart Healthy Classes & Offerings

On Your Weigh
Learn strategies for healthy eating and weight reduction with On Your Weigh. This monthly, four-session class meets on Monday evenings and is taught by registered dietitian Robin Colson.
Fee: $40, $35 with Hospital Plus+Card

Cholesterol Education Class
Would you like to lower your cholesterol? We have physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and exercise physiologists who are ready to help you.
Fee: $40, $35 with Hospital Plus+Card

Clearing the Air: Smoking Cessation
Hospital's tobacco cessation program "Clearing the Air" educates and supports you in your efforts to be tobacco free. Trained tobacco educators help participants design their own personal plan to decrease use and ultimately stop using tobacco products.
Fee: Free

Well Checks: Focus on the Heart
Free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings are available each month to the community at the College Mall. Complete cholesterol testing is available every other month for a $20 fee, $15 with a Hospital
Fee: $20, $15 with Hospital Plus+Card

Mall Pacers Walking Program
Are you looking for a safe, fun, inexpensive, year-round way to exercise? Join the Mall Pacers, a program of Hospital and College Mall. Open daily prior to business hours, the College Mall provides a comfortable indoor atmosphere, and camaraderie for walkers. All individuals who wish to walk for exercise at the College Mall must be a member of Mall Pacers. To sign up for this free program, and receive an ID badge, please go to the College Mall Management office M-F from 9 am - 5 pm. Hospital provides free blood pressure screenings for Mall Pacers every Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 am in front of Lazarus.
Fee: Free

Med Checks
Do you take blood pressure, cholesterol, or other heart related medication? If so, do you have questions about your medications? Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a Hospital pharmacist to get the answers.
Fee: Free

Cardiac Rehab
If you have heart disease or your physician has told you that you are at risk, a supervised exercise program may be necessary. Trained cardiac rehabilitation professionals can help you design a personal program of exercise and risk factor reduction to meet your needs. A physician referral is required.

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