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Healthmobile Brings Health to the Community

"There are circumstances where employers need to test their employees, but sending them off site for testing costs a lot more than the actual tests," said Thomas Kulld, director of Occupational Health for Hospital. "With the new Healthmobile, we'll be able to go to the worksite. The employees can be pulled out, tested, and returned to work quickly."

The Healthmobile is Hospital's new 40-foot health office on wheels for bringing health services directly to the community and surrounding counties. Although the primary use will be occupational health, other outreach programs will benefit as well.

"Public Health Nursing will now have a greater opportunity to bring immunization clinics to schools and other needed areas. They'll have a good facility with the right environment to promote public health," Kulld said. "Community Health Education will be able to bring public health screenings, like blood pressure and cholesterol checks, to the community as well."

The hospital has been planning for the Healthmobile almost a year, Kulld said. Funding for the entire cost of the unit has been provided by Friend of the Hospital Foundation.

With the Healthmobile, Hospital will be able to provide the following public health services on site including:

  • childhood immunizations
  • general health screenings
  • flu shots
  • communicable disease control
  • family planning
and occupational health services including:
  • chest x-ray
  • breath alcohol testing
  • hearing testing
  • pulmonary function testing
  • vision testing
  • respirator fit testing
  • urine drug screens
  • blood draws
  • EKG

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