Hospital offers many classes.
Hospital & Healthcare System is pleased to offer community health education programs and wellness resources to help you manage your personal health. This guide describes some of the prevention programs, educational classes and health services available to you at minimal or no charge.

For a copy of the bi-monthly Community Wellness Events Calendar which lists upcoming events, please call Community Health Education

Pregnancy and Family Related

Baby Basics For "Forever Families" Class

This class helps families who are growing by adoption prepare for their baby. Learn about growth, development and safety for newborns to 12 months. The class covers bathing, diapering, feeding, sleeping, crying, identifying when to call the doctor and more.
Three-hour class scheduled as needed.
Fee: $10 per couple; fee deferred with statement from mother's doctor.

Early Bird Pregnancy Class

Learn the best ways to take care of yourself before and during pregnancy with this three-class series for couples interested in having a baby. The "Maybe Baby" Preconception Class discusses how a healthy lifestyle for women and men can help start a healthy pregnancy. The First Trimester Class covers how the mother's body changes, how the baby grows, how the discomforts of pregnancy can be managed and the importance of good nutrition. The Second Trimester Class emphasizes posture and exercise that can help relieve discomfort, the changes in emotions and the growth of the baby.
Classes scheduled monthly.
Registration is required.
Fee: Free

Lamaze Childbirth Class

This four-week class series helps expectant parents prepare physically and emotionally for labor and birth. Classes cover breathing and relaxation exercises, what to expect during vaginal and Cesarean deliveries, postpartum care for new mothers and a tour of our beautiful maternity suites. Four weekly classes from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Hospital Medical Arts Building.
Recommended registration by fifth month of pregnancy.
Fee: $40 per couple; fee deferred with statement from mother's doctor.

Baby Basics Class

This class is a must for new parents and a great refresher for experienced parents. Learn about the physical and emotional aspects of caring of your newborn through the first three months. The class covers bathing, diapering, feeding, recognizing signs of illness, administration of medication, coping with crying, and more. A bottle feeding video tape is provided to parents who will not be breastfeeding. This class is recommended before the birth; however, new parents are welcome.
Three-hour class scheduled monthly.
Fee: $10 per couple; fee deferred with statement from mother's doctor.

Maternity Unit Tour

Visit Hospital's beautiful maternity suites and meet our Maternal/Child staff. Tour the birth suites, postpartum rooms, newborn nursery and special care nursery and have your questions answered. The Maternity Unit Tour is included as part of the Lamaze Childbirth Class.
Tours scheduled monthly.
Registration required.
Fee: Free

Cesarean Delivery Class

This class is for those who know the birth will be by Cesarean or for those who want to be prepared if it becomes necessary. It covers what to expect before, during and after a Cesarean delivery. This class or the Lamaze Child Birth Class is required for a partner to attend the surgery.
Classes scheduled bi-monthly.
Registration required.
Fee: Free

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Packet

This information kit is for moms who are planning for a vaginal birth after having a Cesarean delivery with a past pregnancy. The packet can be mailed to you, and an informational video may be reserved for overnight viewing.
Fee: Free

Sibling Preparation Packet

This information packet helps prepare big brothers and sisters for the arrival of a new baby. This packet includes a coloring book, "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" badge and a resource list. The packet can be mailed to you, and informational books and videos may be reserved.
Fee: $3/child

Breastfeeding Class

Maybe you haven't decided yet or you just need more information. This is the class for you. Learn how breast milk is made, how to position the baby, pump and store breast milk, prevent engorgement and wean the baby. Partners are encouraged to attend. Fee: Free

Breast Pump Class

Women who plan to breastfeed and return to work or school often have many questions about breastfeeding and pumping. Come learn tips and techniques from a certified lactation consultant to help the transition go smoothly for mom and baby. Topics will cover different types of breast pumps, buying or renting a breast pump, using a breast pump, freezing and rewarming expressed breast milk, bottle feeding expressed breast milk and keeping day care breastfeeding friendly.
Classes scheduled bi-monthly.
Registration required.
Fee: Free

Infant Car Seat Program

All maternity patients at Hospital may rent an infant car seat from the hospital. The car seats are used until the babies are one year old or 20 pounds, and are available through the hospital's Central Supply department.
Fee: $20 deposit for Hospital maternity patients and $25 for non-Hospital patients; $15 is refunded when car seat is returned in good condition.

Alcohol Prevention For Teens

The "Emergency Nurses Cancel Alcohol Related Emergencies" program, or EN C.A.R.E., is a frank and effective way to educate middle and high school students on the dangers of alcohol. This 45-minute presentation is given by emergency nurses and paramedics who educate both students and parents about underage abuse and the hazards of drinking and driving.
Fee: Free

Smoking Cessation

Clearing the Air

Hospital's tobacco cessation program "Clearing the Air" is designed to educate and support tobacco users in their decision to be free of nicotine. Trained tobacco educators help participants design their own personal plan to decrease use and ultimately stop using tobacco products. Quitting smoking is a process. Many smokers need repeated attempts to quit. Don't give up. Persist in cessation efforts until you are successful. If you want to quit but giving up the habit is causing you trouble, try Clearing the Air. We'll help you pick the approaches that make sense to you and support you along the way.
Fee: Free

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Counseling

Individual and group counseling is provided by registered dietitians at Hospital's Outpatient Nutrition Services. Dietetic experts teach adults and children how to optimize good health and control weight through sound nutrition habits and individualized meal planning. Specialized diet therapy is available for the managements of diabetes, hypertension, hypoglycemia, food allergies, cancer, renal stones, gout, migraines, high risk pregnancy and other conditions. A doctor's order is required for nutrition counseling services.
Appointments available Monday through Saturday, hours vary, in the Hospital Medical Arts Building and some doctor's offices.
Fee: Varies; covered by many insurance plans.

Women, Infant & Children Program (WIC)

This federally funded program provides mothers with nutrition education and vouchers for supplemental food. To qualify, participants must have nutritional needs, earn less than 185% of the poverty level and live in . Women who qualify are covered throughout their pregnancy and for an additional year if they are breastfeeding or six months if not breastfeeding. Children are eligible up to the time they turn five.
Certification and voucher pick-up site in at 333 E. Miller Drive.
Fee: Free

Self Care/ Chronic Disease Managements

Asthma Education Program

Hospital & Healthcare System has designed a unique program, the Asthma Education Program, to meet the needs of asthmatic adults and parents of asthmatic children. The program offers a two-hour class taught by a team of respiratory therapist, who specialize in asthma education. The class is offered once a month, and class participants receive a peak flow meter, an aerochamber, and asthma resource materials. Registration for the class is required. A physician's referral will be needed.

Diabetes Care Center

The Hospital Diabetes Care Center provides outpatient clinical and educational services to help adults, children and adolescents manage their diabetes. People with diabetes come to the center to learn how to achieve better blood sugar regulation and receive one-on-one education with a diabetes nurse educator and a clinical dietitian. Comprehensive Diabetic Classes focusing on self-management skills are offered once a month, and are taught by a registered nurse, clinical dietitian, exercise physiotherapist and pharmacist. A physician's referral is recommended. Located in the Hospital Emergency Department.
Appointments available Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Comprehensive Diabetes Classes meet the first Monday and Wednesday of the month from 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. or the first three Thursday evenings from 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Fee: Varies depending on service; covered by many insurance plans and Medicare.

Diabetes Outreach Program

The Diabetes Outreach Program helps people who have limited access to health care services, due to financial or geographic barriers, learn to manage their diabetes and to avoid hospitalizations. Free monthly classes are offered in various locations in Monroe and surrounding counties. The structured curriculum includes education and some clinical assessment.
Classes begin in March 1998 and go until December 1998.
Fee: Free

Cardiac Rehab

The Cardiac Rehab Program, also known as HEARTEAM, helps people with heart disease rehabilitate to the fullest capacity through exercise, training and education regarding risk factor reduction, stress management, nutrition counseling and smoking cessation. A physician referral is required. Meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Phase II; Tuesday and Thursday for Phase III.
Fee: $69.10 (per visit) Stage II at Hospital, $8.30 (per visit) Stage III at Hospital, $23 (per visit) Stage III at Monroe County YMCA for members and $58 (per visit) for non-members. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance accepted by Hospital; some insurance plans cover YMCA program. Scholarships available for those who need financial assistance.

Congestive Heart Failure Center

Since heart failure is one of the most common reasons persons over the age of 65 are admitted (and readmitted) to hospitals, Hospital's Congestive Heart Failure Center concentrates on helping people with heart failure improve their quality of life and limit their hospitalizations. Under the direction of cardiologists, the center helps patients and family members learn about lifestyle modifications to improve their health. The program includes assessment and education for patients on their medications, nutritional needs, weight and blood pressure symptoms, and IV administration of medications. A physician referral is required.
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fee: Private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid accepted.

Pulmonary Rehab

The Pulmonary Rehab Program helps people with pulmonary diseases such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis rehabilitate to the fullest capacity through exercise, breathing retraining, education, smoking cessation and nutrition counseling. A physician referral is required.
Meets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Fee: $69.10 (per visit) Stage II at Hospital, $8.30 (per visit) Stage III at Hospital, $23 (per visit) Stage III at Monroe County YMCA for members and $58 (per visit) for non-members. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance accepted by Hospital; some insurance plans cover YMCA program. Scholarships available for those who need financial assistance.

People Living With AIDS

The People Living With AIDS Program offers a wide range of services including counseling and testing, care coordination, support services and a buddy program for people who are HIV-positive or have AIDS.
Fee: Varies depending on service.

CPR/Professional Education

CPR Class

This CPR Health Provider Course (adult, child and infant) is for community members and professionals. Participants are trained as basic life support health care providers and meet the standards of the American Heart Association. Successful completion of the provider course requires two four-hour classes and retraining requires one four-hour class.
1998 Schedule: February 9 & 11, April 13 & 15, July 13 & 15, Sept. 14 & 16 and Nov. 9 & 11. Classes meet from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Hospital Medical Arts Building.
Fee: $45 provider course, includes a $10 book; $20 retraining course without book or $30 with book.

TB Class

This professional class teaches health care providers to administer and read tuberculosis (TB) tests. Participants become certified by the American Lung Association.
Classes held at 333 E. Miller Drive, .
Fee: Free

First Aid Course

Learn how to respond to medical emergencies and activate emergency medical services at the National Safety Council First Aid course offered by Hospital Educational Services each month in the Medical Arts Building, 619 W. First Street. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a National Safety Council card valid for three years.
Fee: $20

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