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Hospital offers many cardiovascular services.
Heart disease can strike anytime and requires immediate attention. Our comprehensive cardiovascular services are designed to provide the people of south central with life-saving treatments, including emergency response, testing, diagnosis and surgery.

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    BHHS Cardiovascular Services

    Emergency Response.

    For a person having a heart attack, rapid response is critical. Treatment begins the minute paramedics arrive at the scene or the patient enters the emergency room. Our new 12-lead EKG equipment enables paramedics to do a diagnostic EKG in the field and relay results to the emergency physician, saving precious minutes. Our quick-response team waits for the patient's arrival, ready to start life-saving techniques.

    Chest Pain Diagnostic Service.

    Chest pains often signal heart trouble. For patients who complain of chest pain and who are at high risk for a heart attack, this regimen of tests, administered in the hospital during a 12- to 15-hour period, can be life-saving.

    Allied Health Diagnostics.

    Non-invasive diagnostic procedures screen for cardiovascular disease, diagnosis problems and provide follow-up monitoring to patients. Diagnostics include electrocardiograms, stress tests and echocardiograms, all performed with advanced equipment by registered technicians.

    Cardiac Catheterization Labs.

    Our two labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling cardiologists to check how a patient's heart is working and whether arteries are clogged. If intervention is necessary, there are a number of non-surgical procedures cardiologists can use to treat patients right in the lab.

    Cardiovascular Surgery.

    Highly skilled cardiothoracic surgeons perform coronary artery bypass procedures, including minimally invasive procedures.

    Cardiovascular Recovery Unit.

    This special unit is reserved for patients following heart surgery. Immediately after surgery, patients are closely monitored in their beds with telemetry equipment. As they recover, patients wear a portable monitor so they can move around on their own in preparation of leaving the hospital.


    The HEARTEAM provides invaluable education and support to people with heart disease. The heart monitoring program helps patients regain confidence after a heart attack or surgery so they can return to an active life.

    Heart Risk Assessment

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