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Health and Aging Resources

Alzheimer's Resource Center
Hospital has opened an Alzheimer's Resource Center to serve families and professional caregivers who live or work with Alzheimer's Disease or other dementias. "Dementia" means loss of intellectual capacity. Alzheimer's Disease is a common cause of dementia and affects parts of the brain that control memory, thinking, and judgment. It can afflict people even in their forties, although such early-onset Alzheimer's is quite unusual. The incidence of Alzheimer's begins to rise after the age of 65, and nearly half of those people 85 and older will develop Alzheimer's.

Most people with Alzheimer's Disease are cared for at home by family members for years. The course of the illness is now considered to be in the range of 3 to 20 years, and many families care for their loved ones at home for much of that time. The demands of caregiving are extremely wearing on family caregivers; in fact, the most common cause for the admission of a patient with Alzheimer's to an extended care facility is a major illness suffered by the primary caregiver. Care for the caregiver is a primary mission of the Alzheimer's Resource Center. Education, support, and resources are offered at no charge. The center is generously funded by friends of the Hospital Foundation.

Plus Card
The Plus Card for people 50 years and older is a real "plus" for people interested in staying healthy. Cardholders receive free parking in the Hospital parking garage, discounts at the hospital's gift shop and cafeteria, special mailings on health promotion seminars and free or discounted health screenings.
Fee: $10 individual for one year, $18 couple for one year

Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)
For most people the subject of insurance is complex, confusing and even intimidating. This is particularly true of seniors trying to keep abreast of recent changes in Medicare. The Senior Health Insurance Information Program, called SHIIP, can help you make your own informed decisions by answering your questions about Medicare, Medicare supplement (Medigap), Medicaid, long term care insurance, and the Long Term Care Program. You may make an appointment with a certified counselor who will offer you objective assistance in complete confidence. Counselors are not affiliated with any insurance company, and will not sell or solicit for insurance.
Appointments available Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Fee: Free

Advance Directives
As strong advocates of patient's rights, we at Hospital believe that patients and families must have all the information necessary to make health care decisions. Among the most important and difficult of these decisions has to do with medical treatment at the end of life. One way the hospital helps in this effort is to provide patients and their surrogates information about Advance Directives. These are documents which people may complete that will make clear their wishes regarding life prolonging medical treatment in advance of a life threatening illness or injury. In addition, Hospital staff are available to teach in the community about the importance of Advance Directives and end of life decision-making.
Fee: Free

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